Vending Service in Sacramento: Have Snacks and Drinks in the Workplace

Have you ever experienced feeling hungry again, just an hour after your big meal?  Studies show that 40% of the population can’t tell whether they are really hungry or thirsty. Signals of both hunger and thirst are sent by the same source in the brain–the hypothalamus–and this is why it is so easy to confuse the two.

Vending Service in Sacramento Have Snacks and Drinks in the Workplace

The Signs:

Hunger: Signs of hunger could include feeling irritable, weak, and moody. It is also important to remember that hunger comes slowly, so if you suddenly find yourself feeling hungry for no apparent reason, then you most probably are just thirsty. Another telling sign of hunger is when your stomach grumbles, or has a hollow feeling.

Thirst: The best way to tell if you’re thirsty is if your mouth feels dry, and there’s a slight bitter taste in your mouth. If you experience headache, nausea, dizziness, sluggishness, dry eyes, and dry skin, then you most probably are already dehydrated. Another good way to tell would be to ask yourself when the last time you urinated was, and what color it was. If it was a dark yellow color, and it has been some time since you last visited the bathroom, then you are probably already dehydrated.

The Effects

The effect of thirst can be more than discomfort, so it is important to get hydrated right away. In the work place, the absence of drinking water can significantly affect employees’ health and performance, so it is advisable for local companies to have a regular supply from a reliable vending service in Sacramento.

It is estimated that a loss of 2-3% of total body water results to a 20% decline in energy. Aside from this, people who are thirsty will have a harder time concentrating, and are more prone to experience irritation and fatigue. Studies show that dehydration causes inability to focus, memory problems, and even reduced hand-eye coordination.

 In other words people who are dehydrated, even by a little, will show poorer work performance. This is why companies are encouraged to make sufficient quantities of food and drinks available to employees. In hotter weather, particularly, employees should be encouraged to drink lots of fluids. Vending machine companies in Sacramento like Aqua Perfect offer the perfect solution for such needs, providing light food and drinks to employees anytime they need them.

Managers are encouraged to keep track of how often their employees drink water. Those who keep eating but still show poor performance at work should be encouraged to drink. This helps the company keep its production and performance at its peak, while ensuring employees are less prone to being sick.



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