Sacramento Vending Service Can Help Businesses Promote Healthy Diets

Vending machines in state-owned properties are now required to dispense healthy options with the signing of Senate Bill 912 last September. Under the bill:

• At least 35 percent of food in a snack vending machine must meet “accepted nutritional guidelines.”
• At least 33 percent of drinks in a drink vending machine must meet “accepted nutritional guidelines.” Another 33 percent can either meet such guidelines or consist of beverages that either contain less than 20 calories per 12 ounces, or at least 50 percent fruit juice. The remaining 33 percent can be any beverage allowed by law.

Governor Jerry Brown signs legislation requiring healthy options in state vending machines-092514

As reference, food and beverage that falls within “accepted nutritional guidelines” consist of:

• Food that’s not more than 35 percent fat (except for legumes and grains). With respect, food that’s not more than 10 percent saturated fat.
• Food that’s not more than 35 percent sugar (except for fruits and vegetables).
• Water
• Dairy and non-dairy milk
• Sports drinks that have no more than 42 grams of sweetener per 20 ounces.
• Pure fruit juice
• Drinks that contain no less than 50 percent fruit juice and no sweeteners.

The bill was made as a response to the growing obesity problem plaguing the U.S. California maintains the fifth lowest adult obesity rate at 24.1 percent; but with every state’s rate above 20 percent, much work needs to be done immediately to curb any potential trend. Obesity in the workplace has been continually draining the state’s coffers from health and emergency costs, increased workers’ compensation benefits, and high absenteeism and low productivity among employees.

While the new regulation covers only state facilities, private businesses should take note of its implications as well. Obesity can mean costly sick days and costlier medical treatments for employees and the business itself. Given this push for healthy vending machines in Sacramento and California by the government, businesses should advocate for a portion of their menus to offer healthy snack and meal options for their employees as well.

Sacramento vending machine companies like AquaPerfect provide food and beverage vending machines with customizable inventories. You can choose what goes into the machine, which can be provided free of charge for businesses with 50 or more employees. Setting the standard for healthy eating is a desirable practice that could help enhance your business’s image.

Promoting healthy eating in the workplace presents benefits to businesses. A healthier workforce is a more productive one, after all. A Sacramento vending service can help you get started in achieving this end.

(Source: Governor Jerry Brown signs legislation requiring healthy options in state vending machines-092514, 23ABC News, September 25, 2014)

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