Refreshing Bottled Water in Sacramento Quenches Your Thirst in a Pinch

California is currently going through its fourth consecutive year of drought, and the state’s worries about its water supplies continue to grow. Everyone is being called to do their part in conserving water, both residential and commercial entities alike. Until the situation is resolved and a more permanent solution is passed, Californians need to be judicious with their water usage or risk paying fines of up to $500.

State passes mandatory new water conservation rules,, Mar. 17, 2015

An article on the Santa Cruz Sentinel dated March 17, 2015 details the state’s ongoing struggle with the drought, and how the federal government has handled the situation. The article outlines the stipulations the government has issue earlier this year on water use, such as banning restaurants from serving water unless asked for as well as limiting individuals from watering their lawns and landscapes. Some critics, however, are pointing out that the restrictions will only resolve matters in the short run, and they urge the public to start preparing for an even longer drought problem.

Companies still need to make sure that their employees are getting enough hydration. Responsible local businesses will always keep their employees well-being in the forefront and can help with the mandated water reductions as well by using a local Sacramento bottled water. Those businesses in need of bottled water in Sacramento should enlist the aid of reliable water delivery service companies, such as AquaPerfect, to provide a sustainable supply of drinking water.

Bottled water have a long shelf life, and can be kept indefinitely, provided that they are stored away from chemicals, excessive heat, and sunlight. The water shortage in California from the drought and the fines for businesses that do not reduce their water usage are serious business.  Coordinating with a Sacramento water delivery company, you can have a set amount of bottles delivered to your workplace on a weekly or monthly basis, whichever suits your needs. This is a great way to keep your employees hydrated and help comply with the mandated reduction in water usage.

(Source: California drought: State passes mandatory new water conservation rules,, Mar. 17, 2015)

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