Qualities to Look for in a Sacramento Bottled Water Service Provider

With the issues that the drought has brought to California, people are taking action to keep things from getting out of hand. At a hearing in Sacramento, The Porterville Recorder reported that there were high hopes for overcoming the dry spell.

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Local residents, non-profit organizations, and city and county officials were invited to provide testimonies in the hearing that discussed first-hand experiences of water crisis. The event was organized due to the drought and the efforts that have already been put in place to help those affected. Led by the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee (ESTM), the participants discussed concrete long-term solutions and how these can be accomplished. Fortunately, a lot of sectors expressed their intent of being involved with rectifying the shortage.

Now, if you own a business in Sacramento or the surrounding areas, you can’t let the water shortage affect your employees. Keeping your employees hydrated is not only healthy for them but improves productivity. With bottle water service, you can provide a safe and healthy hydrations source and you also won’t risk a health lawsuit by letting your employees drink tap water, as this may contain harmful environmental and chemical contaminants. You’ll want to keep your office supplied with adequate drinking water from Sacramento bottled water services.

Like anything that has to do with your business, bottled water services must be cost-efficient for your company. How do you know that you are getting the best choice of water delivery from Sacramento providers for your offices and other facilities?

  • Companies with local billing solutions make the payment process hassle-free. Businesses must clearly understand the bill of any service they acquire; if the billing comes from a far-off corporate office, it can be hard to get answers if you have inquiries about your bills.
  • Lower rates are better, of course, as long as the quality does not suffer. There are many affordable drinking water services with guaranteed clean and clear water. There are also water delivery service companies, such as AquaPerfect, that offer customized payment plans.
  • Local providers can easily ferry water such that you don’t have to wait long for delivery schedules. This ensures that you always have enough drinking water for your employees.
  • Excellent customer service is another good characteristic. If you have concerns, you can call them right away and get a quicker response. This is more easily accomplished with companies that have localized centers.

Consider the above qualities when you choose a drinking water company. After all, you can’t be too careful when it comes to the water that you and your employees will drink.

(Source: High hopes from water hearing in Sacramento, The Porterville Recorder, Feb. 20, 2015)

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