A Vending Service in Sacramento Assists in Improving Employee Wellness

All good companies value the hard work of their employees, and will do their best to ensure that their people remain in tip-top shape. Businesses often go out of their way to take care of their workers, especially those personnel whom they value greatly. This includes ways to help employees improve their wellbeing—and their production, in turn—such as providing memberships to fitness centers and holding exercise classes.

Involve employees when creating wellness plans, democratandchronicle.com, Mar. 31, 2015

The Democrat & Chronicle website has an article dated March 31, 2015 that urges businesses to involve their employees when planning for wellness programs. According to the report, by providing workers with a more active role in the creation of wellness programs, they will be motivated to make “meaningful improvements in [their] health”. Notably, the article states that businesses can and should encourage their employees to suggest healthier vending machine food options in addition to the regular selections, improving their eating habits at the same time.

Vending machines are often associated with junk food and sodas, but they are not the only menu items that can distributed in a quality refreshment program.  A variety of healthy snacks can also be dispensed through vending machines, and it all depends on the preferences of the business. Businesses interested in healthier choices should coordinate with a company that provides customized vending service in Sacramento, such as AquaPerfect, for machines that have delicious and nutritious options.

The trick to healthier eating from a vending machine is to stock the merchandisers with a wide variety of selections. In addition to the regular items it can also include snacks and other food selections that are low in sodium, sugar, and fat. Good choices include baked chips, popcorn, low carb items like beef jerkey, nuts and/or seeds, whole grain and graham crackers, pretzels, and gingersnaps, to name a few.

In addition to their favorite sodas, a business can also opt for pure fruit juices, water, and vegetable juices—these options are sure to be a hit with those into the “juicing” diet. Companies looking to improve the diets of their employees should have their vending machines in Sacramento carefully stocked by a supplier that can meet their healthy demands.

(Source: Study: Involve employees when creating wellness plans, democratandchronicle.com, Mar. 31, 2015)

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